Dear Governor Cuomo


Germantown, NY -

Dear Governor Cuomo:


We will follow your lead and be succinct and direct.


The Carmelite System operates several nursing homes in NYC.   St Patricks Home, Bronx NY and Ozanam Hall, Queens NY.   


The Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirm have been caring for NYC elderly since 1929.  We are committed to partnering with the State to properly care for our elderly population and ensure the safety of our residents and staff.


Similar to hospitals, our nursing homes are also experiencing shortages in personal protective equipment.  We are working very diligently to secure our own PPE, however we are encountering significant challenges in receiving expedited delivery.


Please direct us on how we participate in the redistribution of PPE to the areas most in need.  


Our greatest needs are as follows:


  • Isolation Gowns: 1,500  (750 SPH and 750 OZ)
  • Surgical Masks:  1,500    (750 SPH and 750 OZ)
  • N95 Masks:  (Only for active COVID Patient Care)  100  (40 SPH, 60 OZ)


We recognize that  as a Catholic Sponsored organization, we play a very important role in providing palliative care to the elderly as they confront this disease and deal with the progression of the symptoms.


Thanks to you and your team for your ongoing leadership as we all strive to maintain the life and dignity that we are all called to serve.


We remain in service to our community and those in need,


Patricia K Gathers,

Carmelite System COO

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