Mission Vision and Values


The Carmelite System fosters the healing ministry of Christ in Catholic health care by proclaiming the value and dignity of the aged and infirm and providing collaborative ways to meet the needs of today’s elderly. A commitment to compassionate, loving care of the highest standards with wise stewardship of resources is the hallmark of programs and services rendered.


The Carmelite System will be a beacon of Catholic health care to the aged and infirm and to all those whose lives we touch. It will proclaim the value of life and the beauty and dignity of old age and will strive to maintain a leadership role in the shaping and delivery of services and programs of care for the elderly.


The Carmelite System adheres to the following values:

  • Dignity - Respect each person as an individual, valuable member of the human community and as a unique expression of human life;
  • Collegiality - Encourage all those in the System to share in the responsibility for and welfare of the whole organization by providing a forum for dialogue and discussion;
  • Excellence - Foster personal and professional accountability, motivation, team work and commitment to quality;
  • Collaboration - Build values-based partnerships based upon mutual relationships for the sake of proclaiming the Gospel by improving long-term health care in the community;
  • Service - Provides for the needs of the aged and infirm.